Does Dr. Andrus take new patients?

Yes, we take new patients. We are glad to provide great eye care to our current patients and those new to the area looking for professional family care.

Is this an established optometry practice?

Yes, Dr. Andrus has been practicing optometry since 1983. He has practiced in St George and Mesquite since 1987.

How do I get my prescription refilled?

Call our office and the doctor can call in a new prescription for you at the pharmacy of your choice.

What happens when I wear my contacts longer than prescribed?

Your contact lenses can start to build up protein on the lens after they have been out in the air for longer than prescribed. Continued over wear of your contact lens can result in infection and sometimes life long vision problems.

How do I know if my insurance covers my vision care?

Your can call your insurance company directly with the information from your insurance card, you can find out at your company’s human resources office or go on line to your insurance provider and search their web site.

Will your office bill my insurance for services provided?

Yes, our office will provide billing services for your vision care, this is a complimentary service provided by our staff. Please have patience with our staff as we cannot possibly know the terms of every insurance provider out there. Ultimately you are responsible for any monies not collected from your insurance company including deductibles and co-pays.